FCE has resources for control and certification as an expert witness A. We also perform vessel control on behalf of Polarkonsult AS.


FCE has good knowledge of aquaculture technology and can assist with the design of facilities.


Cage Farming

Calculations of float collar, anchoring, loads of details, deformations, etc. Development and improvement of equipment on and around the cage.



In several projects, FCE has designed workboats in aluminum for clients. In addition, we have good knowledge of boats in PEHD and can offer boats from own design and production. See for more information.


Crane and Lift

FCE has years of experience with calculations of crane and lifting equipment. We offer inspection, control, and certification for most categories. Through a partner, also crane deliverance.


Other tasks we assist with. Product development, metrics, engineering, and 3D visualization, etc.


SLO (Safe Lifting Operations) will in most cases, where difficult and complex lifting operations appear, be well documented and planned before the operation.


With our partner, we control and certify cranes and lifting equipment in several categories.

Special Lift

FCE conducts the planning and implementation of special lift. We design and make special tools for the purpose of the calculations and analysis.


Deliveries of machinery and equipment for use around the furnaces. Be it manipulators, tilting chairs, stakes, pegs, cooling jackets, etc.

Mass Handling

FCE projects capacities and strength calculations for conveyors, as well as projecting the whole plant. This also includes crushers, screens, feeders, silos, etc.

Project Management

FCE undertakes project management, delivery, and installation supervision. Including RISK / HAZID-, SJA- and safety evaluations.


The Lamella Silo

The Lamella Silo eliminates several of the existing problems with existing silos.

Northshore Boats

Northshoredesign produces boats in PEHD

Gravity Link

The Gravity link reduces/eliminates up to 90% of th eenergy from a falling object.